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Our values at your service
La Passion et le partage
Découvrir et faire découvrir le vin
Our philosophy is rooted in the history of our family which, from generation to generation, has always cultivated a boundless passion for the flavours of fine food and the pleasures of the palate combined in gastronomy and quality wine. We are epicureans. Wine for us is primarily an occasion for conviviality and discovery of the other, a bridge between cultures, a source of exchange. Within this quest for taste, this tradition for good French living is superimposed on an ongoing desire to learn more, to make our understanding of this complex world of wine more accessible to others, through our knowledge and experience of course, but also our doubts and uncertainties.
L’exigence et le service
Se surpasser pour servir vos intérêts
These cultural roots of our search for taste are twinned with an exacting approach, a quest for perfection in everything we do. One of the family values we teach is that of a job well done, as well as a definite requirement for simplicity to make our knowledge as comprehensive and accessible as possible. Finally, we are merchants, traders who show the way by sharing with you our interest first and foremost because this is the token of your loyalty. We want to help you grow your business.
Our involvement and expertise serve your interests.